How exciting with Ace starting nursery – what do you have to pay and how much time will he spend there? / Anna

Yes, it’s super exciting and kind of scary too. The thought that he will be somewhere separate from Garth and I is really strange, but I have a feeling I will get used to it. We have chosen to have Ace at nursery 07.30-13-00 Monday – Wednesday, so it’s not a lot of time. For this time we pay about £650/month.

I like that they are very flexible at this nursery too, I can always add a full day if I would need one. Like if I have a photoshoot or similar. It will come in handy now and then. 

I love your Monday list and I’m thinking I will also do a weekly mantra and affirmation in my Bullet Journal. Do you come up with yours yourself or do you have a good resource online to recommend?/ Gunvor

I’m so glad to hear you like this post! I find that I use it a bit as therapy and it really lifts my week.  I have to stop, think and take stock to get a feel for where I’m at. I try to think of whats relevant to me at this particular time and work from there, sometimes they come to me on their own and other times I browse Pinterest for inspiration. 

Why is it hard to speak only Swedish with Ace when it’s your first language? / Hanna

I have lived in London for such a long time that I these days end up speaking about 80% English and 20% Swedish in general. My go-to language is without a doubt English, so I have to remind myself to speak Swedish with Ace. And even though I’m getting better at it, sometimes it’s still a bit tricky. Like when we hang out with English friends and I feel rude to be speaking another language that they don’t understand. Also, even though I love the idea of Garth learning more Swedish, it’s not practical for me to speak English to Ace when he is around. It breaks a bit of our communication and creates silly misunderstandings. So I mix it up to make sure it works for everyone. I chat with Ace all day long, so that he will get used to a conversation and I’m happy if it’s 50% in Swedish and 50% in English. 

However, when we are in Sweden I and my family only speak Swedish to him. 

Oh, I know exactly how you are feeling. Especially the dream of going to Tokyo and Japan. It’s my dream place to go because of the culture, the history, the architecture, foor…etc. I also recognize the feeling of longing to ride. I’m thinking to try to find a place to go for a ride before the end of the summer. It has been too hot to ride and it’s not fun for the horse or the rider, but now when it’s a bit cooler I’m going to have a look and see if I can find somewhere. Do you know any good stables in Stockholm?

I have ridden on a few different places in Stockholm, but this is years ago now. We had our horse Wicklow at Rastaborgs ponnystall on Ekerö, I also used to ride at Sjövillan on Färingsö, a stable on Adelsö and Östermalsm ridskola. There are loads of good places in Stockholm, I find it a lot harder to locate a decent stable here in London I would either have to travel far or go for something expensive but with a pretty low standard. I will try to find something later when I have the time and energy to ride again. I love the feeling of freedom you get on horseback. 

I know exactly what you are talking about here. I had my first baby 3 weeks after you had Ace and I have been following you with great interest. Now I too want to get going with my ”normal” life, work, training, routines… but at the same time, I want to be a Mom to my son. Something that stresses me out is that time is running so fast and there is a lot I want to do in the next couple of years (before I turn 40). I want to switch jobs, move to a bigger home, and most of all have more kids. Just like with you guys, it took a while for us to get pregnant with my son, so I’m a bit unsure if I should start trying soon again. But at the same time, I’m really enjoying to not be pregnant or getting hormone treatment and just being able to enjoy life and our bubba. Thank you for an amazing blog, I love following your updates. 

I really sympathize with what you are saying. To have a baby is such an eye-opener to our own mortality, what’s important in life and how short the time we have really are. We have the same dilemma when it comes to siblings as you do. But after having de a bit of research on ”postnatal depletion” and after I spoke to a few friends with a couple of kids I think we have landed in trying to give it 3 years before we have the next one. I want my body to recover and get back all those lost nutrients so that the next baby can have the same great start as Ace got. And if worst comes to worst and we can’t have more children, then we still have a gorgeous little boy that we love with all our hearts (and to be honest we are not at all against adopting. It has been discussed many times over the years).  I just know that mentally I wouldn’t be able to go straight back into pregnancy and infant -world again. 

Hi Tess!

I have read your blog for about 100 years (we met at Scandi kitchen, about 4 years ago and I got starstruck and mumbled something about proposing to my boyfriend the way Garth proposed to you haha. I don’ät know if you remember?)

Maybe five, six years ago you planned to go into acting and focus more on that side of your career. I remember you showing a few of your commercials and short films and I think you did really well. Do you still think this might be something you want to do in the future? Hugs / Calle

Hi Calle, of course, I remember you, you are lovely, how could I forget! I’m so happy to hear you are still reading the blog and I have to ask, was there ever a proposal? 

You know, acting is still my little secret dream that is hiding away in the back of my head. I love to act and think it’s super fun. If I won the lottery I would probably go and do a full-time course at either RADA or LAMBDA here in London. If nothing else for the happiness it would bring me. I have only done commercials and short films so far and I know that it takes a lot to get into the acting industry. After both modeling and blogging, I’m hesitant to dive into yet another business that is really hard to succeed in. 

We’ll see, I still want to do it, but I’m also quite hesitant. 

I think you look great in these photos, lovely hair and outfit. What do you have on your lips? It looks like a perfect nude and I would like to try it! 

Thank you lovely, I really appreciate your kind words. I really like a soft pale pink lip and use a couple of shades of lip pens from Isadora and this one from Bobbi Brown, it’s in the color ”ballet pink” and you can find it here. (adlink)

I have noticed something weird, my skin is always the best after a long and wet night out (??) I have oily skin with a few spots, but when I wake up after a night having had a few drinks it’s like the alcohol has made my skin better and my spots seem less. Coutd thisbe correct? I only drink G&T, so sugery drinks and I’m very careful to wash away any makeup before I hit the hay at 5 in the morning. Isn’t this strange? Of course, I’m not telling anyone to drink alcohol to get better skin. /Lis

This is so weird, you are cetrtanly not the first person I hear this exact same thing from. I have no idea why this is, but I thoight maybe someone else here on the blog does and could explain to us why? Ther emust be a very good reasy why alcohol affects you skin this way. Anyone who has a clue?

Hi Tess, I always love visiting your blog. I’m wondering if you still have that secret pregnancy group on Facebook? I can’t seem to find the post when I’m searching in the blog. /Linda

”The art of conception” still very much exists, if you email me on Tess@TessM.se, then I can add you to it if you like?

You look so lovely!
Even lovelier than before pregnancy /Embla

Thank you, hun. It makes me so happy to get such a nice comment and believe me, you never need them more than right after you have had a baby. I know that it’s easy to give the negative comments all the energy, but it is really important to do exactly the opposite. By nature, humans put a greater weight to a negative comment than a positive one, so it’s up to us to make sure to really appreciate and take in all the nice things we hear about ourselves.  

You can help with a $25 microloan at http://www.kiva.org to different environmental projects. (solar power, insulation for houses, water filters etc) mainly for people in underdeveloped countries. They will pay back the loan to you and you can keep on investing the same money. This is one of the most efficient ways to make a difference. Kiva is one of Opera’s favorites too. / Alexia 

Wow, this website is super clever. I will do this straight away. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this already, what an exciting idea.


It’s great and interesting that you are highlighting this. I myself, have been clearing out who I follow. I’m interested in knowing how you look at your own Instagram? I get the feeling that your photos are very staged with nice clothes and a background that’s not always so ”real”. I do think you wear most of these things, but some photos feel only like they are for the moment. IE do you really wear a party dress and stilettos when you are just out on town? I understand the idea of creating attractive content to get more followers, but it feels a bit glorified.

I love reading your blog because you are a down to earth, and positive as a person, not because of your photos that feel too staged. I would love to see more from your everyday life than just photo shoots. I hope that you understand what I mean and apart from this, I like that you feel like a big sister to us online. <3 Hugs!

At the same time as I wrote this post, I took a good hard look at my own content. Instagram has never really felt natural to me. I love photos and the creation around it, but it does feel quite same-same and a bit, dare I say shallow? Since I’m not an every-day realism kind of blogger but prefer to have a more glossy finish (with flowers and pastels that makes me happy) I instead decided to make better use of my captions. Who says it can only be a few words formed into a clever sassy caption? Maybe it could just get to be a bit more?

If you have visited my Instagram lately, I hope you would have noticed that I am updating a bit less frequent, but when I do I have something to say, from the heart. This has made Instagram loads more fun for me and I hope that you like it better too. It’s just a bit more real, even if the photos still are ”pretty”. (you can find my everyday realism in my stories instead).

And you are so right when it comes to heels. I’m damaged by modeling, they always told me I needed heels in photos since I’m smaller than the other girls. But this is of course my blog and my Instagram, so screw heels! I don’t walk around like that all day long, especially not now when I’m pushing a buggy. To veebts and parties, yes. So I will make sure to keep this in mind from now on and I’m really glad you pointed it out to me. Dresses, however, is something I wear a lot of, it just happens to be my thing. Big hugs and thank you for an insightful comment. 

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