My 9 Skincare Rules

My skin is quite easygoing, I think after all my years modeling with all kinds of products and god knows what, my face is pretty tough.


But there are a few things I have to keep in mind, to make sure my skin stays healthy. I try to;

1. Wash my makeup brushes regularly – It’s really easy to forget to wash our brushes 8or to be like me and just be a bit too lazy to bother since it’s pretty boring). But it is more than worth it for the sake of our skin. So many nasty germs, old products, and dust get stuck in those brushes and then go all over our faces.

We might end up with acne, styes and even scary skin infections and rashes by unwashed brushes. So I always make sure to put a recurring alarm on my phone to remind me. How often to do it depends on how much you use your brushes, so it’s hard for me to say. Since I’m a bit crap at doing it, I make sure to have three sets of brushes and I alternate them so I can wash all of them a bit less often.

I use a brush soap by beauty blender and in-between washes I spray them with a cleaner now and then.

…and of course we never ever share brushes with each other. Then we get double the germ party and that’s just nasty. So please don’t!

2. Drink lots of water – I know we all go on about it. But it works. If we don’t keep our skin hydrated then it will get wrinkly, saggy and grey. We need it for our whole body to feel good, and it plumps up skin and help clear out dirt and give us that glow. AND we feel great, so it’s a win-win. Get your H2O on girl!

I start every day with a massive glass of water. You should too.

3. Eat my good fats – The people I knw with the best skins all know their nutrition. Good fats do wonders for our skins, so I make sure to top up on my nuts, avo, coconut and olive oil and loads of fatty fish for the omegas. This is where I get my glow.

4. Change pillowcases and towels every week –  Even if your skin is clean and makeup-free, don’t count on your pillowcase to be. If you don’t want a cocktail of dust mites, old skin cells, sweat and skin- and hair products in your face every night – change your pillowcase regularly. The same goes for the towel, heat and moisture is a great combination if you want to bread germs, so don’t take the risk.

5. Have a good skincare routine – Most importantly, know whats good for YOUR skin and remember to change your routine with age. I know I need loads of moisture so I focus on re-hydrating serums, oils, and heavy creams. If you are a bit younger, you would probably go for something lighter. You can either experiment until you find the right products, like me or you can go and see a dermatologist and get some help.

The cleanser is, I would dare to say, the most important step of the skincare routine. It’s super important to remove makeup and dirt in an efficient but still gentle way.

6. Sleep– Ha, easy to say if you don’t have kids. I know exactly what it’s like not sleeping enough and that’s why I can say that I know the difference. Our skins re-generate when we sleep, so it’s worth trying to get as many hours of shut-eye as we can. Just add a great night creme and snooze. (There is no shame in the nap-game).

7. Hormones – We can’t do much about these. Unless you are choosing between different contraception pills of course. But our hormones really affect our skin. I get little bumps the week before my period and there is really nothing I can do about it. Pregnancy made my skin epic and when I had the biggest hormone drop after pregnancy my skin was terrible. All we can do about it is to keep an eye on our cycle and try to have an understanding and be kind to ourselves.

8. Alcohol – Unfortunately even wine and champagne will dehydrate our bodies. So a big night will make the skin dryer with darker circles and possibly a spot or two. If you add things like cigarettes, bad sleep, and sugary cocktails and you have a recipe for a bad skin day. Of course, we should still enjoy a drink or two if we fancy it, it’s all about balance.

9. Sun – The biggest baddie in the whole wide world for skin is by far the sun. It dries out, changes the color, breaks down and ruins the skin. There is, however, a really simple solution to this nightmare – wear SPF every day. It doesn’t matter if it’s in your skincare, makeup or a separate product, just get it on your skin before you head out. It’s the number one best trick to have a nice and glowing skin as possible.

Do you have any other great skin tips?

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