The Monday Checklist

You can find my top here and my skirt here. (adlinks) Location – Tart Clapham. Photo – Ida Zander.

I got quite the week coming up. This is the starting point for a lot of admin regarding something fun I will share with you at the end of the month and there will also be some changes here at home.

I really hope you guys had a better week than I did. I accidentally ate some old (fresh) pasta Friday night and got properly food poisoned. It was only last night I could eat properly again and I have been down for the count all weekend. Luckily Garth was home and could take Ace because I couldn’t even stand up straight on Saturday. That is one mistake I won’t do again.

So I’m really happy to leave this weekend behind me and head into a new fresh week.

The mantra of the week  – ”I won’t trade my authenticity for approval” It’s easy to start tweaking little things about yourself and all of a sudden you have changed into someone you don’t even know. Compromise is great, but never when it comes to who you are or what you stand for.

This week’s affirmation – ” I will reach my goals, and until then I will enjoy the journey”. The way to the end-goal is just as important as the goal itself. If someone just handed you whatever you wanted, it wouldn’t be worth as much. To have to work towards something makes it so much more precious when we finally get it.

The goal of the week –  To slowly but surely make space for ”work-Tess” without giving ”Mom-Tess” too much anxiety. Ace is almost one year old now and it’s time for me to leave maternity leave behind and get back into the swing of things. I have been talking about this for a while now and this week it’s actually happening.

Dream of the week – I want to go to Tokyo! I have always wanted to visit Japan but never got around to it. I’m fascinated by the people and the culture and I want to properly explore the city and what makes it tick.

This week’s vision – The warmth of a late afternoon in July, a meadow, bumblebees in the grass, the sound of hooves hitting dry soil. I don’t think I want to own a horse again, but I definitely want to take up horseriding as soon as I get the chance to. I’m never as harmonic and at peace as when I’m on horseback.

The focus of the week – Ace and nursery. It’s time for him to start ”settling in” and I have a feeling it will be a lot harder on me than him. It breaks my heart that he will be away from me for several hours every week, I’m so worried I will miss something.

The event of the week – Today it’s all kicking off. The first day at nursery, Ace will only be there for one hour, and I will be with him the whole time. It’s a good slow start for the both of us. After I actually have a casting, so we will head to north London for a couple of hours. Then on Tuesday Ace will be at the nursery on his own for two hours and then we will slowly but surely build up to five hours over the next two weeks. He will be starting for real on the 3rd of September. My little boy!

The lesson from last week  – Don’t eat old pasta…

This week’s everyday-luxury –  On Tuesday when Ace is at nursery for two hours on his own, I’m planning to go and get a shellac mani.

The inspiration of the week – Pinterest. I know it’s an obvious one, but seriously, what did we do before it existed? I used to fall down the Pinterest hole regularly before I had Ace and I’m finding myself browsing now whenever I have a moment over. Anyone else mood boarding a first birthday party?

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