Interior Inspiration For Fall

Bed – Ellos, light – Ellos, blue pillow – Lexington, yellow pillow – Lexingtceilingling lamp – Daniel Becker Shop , chair – LeFlair , book – Taschen , pot – Ellos, candle – Diptyque. (adlinks)

Now when the flat above is almost all done (there are a few pieces of furniture on back order) I sadly don’t really have a reason to browse for interiors anymore. 

I really enjoyed decorating within a specific budget and I’m really happy with the end result if I may say so myself.

Bex and Luke moved in before a lot of the furniture arrived, so I haven’t really had an opportunity to take photos to share with you guys yet. But as soon as the last few things arrive, then I will take a shoot day upstairs and you can see how it all turned out.

My next interior project will most likely be when we move to a bigger house here in Clapham or possibly our French country house that I’m dreaming of. Both of them are still a few years away, so until then I will just have to dream and get inspired.

I could change it up a bit at home, but with a 10-month old that climbing on everything, it’s not really great timing. Maybe in a year or so… At the moment most of our nice things are up on high shelves so our little adventurer can’t get to them. Functionality over style, but that’s just the way it is during the baby years. There will be a time for a perfect home in the future again.

I will however never give up on my Baies from Diptyque. If you wonder what my home smells like, it’s all Baies. It has been my favorite candle since I first picked it up in Liberties here in London years ago and I always have one at home.

Do you have something that always moves with you from home to home that you never grow tired of?

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