Nail Polish or Shellac?

The eternal question…shellac or regular nail polish?

In the past, I always had to use regular polish in a neutral color for castings and modeling jobs. But at the moment I’m still on maternity leave, so maybe it would be easier to do shellac?

It will last a bit longer, especially since I’m washing my hands, the dishes and everything else all day long.

It would get a bit more spendy, but it would be nice to always have nice nails. One less thing to think about. I hate when I have bad nails and honestly feel ashamed to show my hands. I truly believe in tidy and well looked after nails.

You who do shellac, is it worth it? How long does it take to do fingernails, how often do I have to do them and are there any negatives I should know about?

I tend to keep my nails fairly short, in a squoval shape. Both because I like them that way, but also so I won’t scratch Ace. It’s enough with all the cuts both of us already have from his sharp little fingers that seem to produce tiny razorblades instead of nails. When I see moms on Instagram with long pointy nails, I always wonder how they change a nappy? I can barely keep my fingers out of the poop as it is!

At the moment, these are my 4 nail favorites (adlinks)

Essie – Allure (a sheer neutral white)
Essie – Wrap me up (from the limited edition cashmere collection. Light pink-grey)
IsaDora – 589 Golden glow (metallic pink)
IsaDora – 559 Sparkling sand (glittery pink)

I prefer light nail colors, especially when my hands are tanned. Also, it’s kind of practice that you can’t see as well if they are chipped. My nails at the moment are probably missing about 20% of the polish, but you can barely see it on the photo. So a tip from me to you is to wear a light color if you know you won’t be able to keep the maintenance up as well as you would like.

I should probably be experimenting a bit more with my nails now when I’m not going to lots of castings…

What do you like nail wise? Long, short, round, pointy, shellac or regular polish?

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