My Weekend & Villa Carlotta

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Hi, lovelies! How was your weekend? 

I have managed both to have a dinner and movie out with Bex last night and to go to hot yoga today.

Since the boys didn’t really fancy going to see Mamma Mia with us, we decided to make it a girls night. So we left them home with the babies and went to Mommi for a meal and some cocktails before the movie. I love musicals, so Mamma Mia 2 was a jackpot for me, I even liked it better than the first. I also felt terribly Swedish when I spotted both Björn and Benny in their cameos, just like in the last film.

Aaa, movies like these just make me want to have a singing voice. I mean, Amanda Seyfried’s voice, I die. If I could sing like her I would do nothing else. Can any of you guys sing? Does it feel as amazing as I imagine it would?

I did actually sing in a couple of choirs when I was a little girl, but then I somehow lost the sliver of a voice that I actually possessed and these days I only subject poor Ace to my sad crowing.

On Sundays, the boys go swimming, so I get my ass to hot yoga. I know it seems a bit like overkill to sweat inside when I’m already sweating outside, but I really need the 90 minutes to just have some me-time, to calm my mind and move my body.

Now, we have just finished clearing up after a big BBQ in the garden. We had Garth’s parents, Bex and Luke and Milo over. The boys have a great set-up to keep them busy (check out my Instastory @TessMontgomery).

The photos are from when we went to Villa Carlotta in Lake Como. It’s not just a beautiful building, but also a gorgeous botanical garden. You take different paths depending on how much time you have to spend and we were meant to do the wheelchair friendly option since we had a buggy. But at the first crossroad, we decided to live a little and took the more adventurous route instead. We had to push, drag and lift the buggy all the way to the top, but it was worth it. Why make life easy?

It was cool and a nice breeze in the gardens, so it’s a great little place to go mid-day when it’s hot and you need a bit of shade. Can you spot me in the first pic?

Ok, it’s time for me to put my laptop away and take my little doggy for a walk. It’s too hot for her royal puppyness during the day, so she gets late evening walks instead. I’m actually really enjoying getting to breathe some cooler air and just watch all the people coming out of their houses to do the same.

Ok, time to put my shoes onI’llll see you guys tomorrow!

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