How to set goals to improve your life satisfaction

A big part of living life well is to set goals and work toward them. Not only for our productivity in society, but also for our life-satisfaction. 

It’s December already, where did time go? 

I always felt like time was moving too quickly for my liking, but since I become a parent, it’s going at warp speed. I have a hard time keeping up and at times I feel like I need to hold on not to be thrown off the life carousel.

Thing is, life will happen, no matter if we are doing something with it or not. We can’t stop it or take a break, we can only choose to either enjoy the ride or just wait for it to end.

A big part of living life well is to set goals and work towards achieving them. Not only for our productivity in society, but also for our self-worth and life-satisfaction.

You can choose to see it as if nothing matters and we are all going to die in the end anyway, so why bother. Or you can decide to make the most of your time here on earth and really go for it, because what do we really have to lose right?

I love to set goals, but I haven’t always been great at actually achieving them. I had all the intentions and the excitement, but then life got in the way and I never really did much of the work to get there.

One of the main reasons why I didn’t actually reach my goals was that I didn’t make a realistic plan. I went all-in for a while and then it kind of fizzled out pretty quickly. The intention was there, but I didn’t know how to keep it up.

It was only when I learned the trick to start with the goal and work my way back that things changed ( you can find my blog post on exactly how I set goals here). Not only did it remove the blank space between where I am now and where I want to go, but it also thought me to break every goal up into mini-goals. It’s so much easier to take on something little every day, than something big in a year.

To me, my goal setting happens in January and then I work my way towards my goal over the next 12 months. I like to think of my life in themed years. I set my focus and try to stick to it in all areas of my life.

This year it was all about getting back to work after having had Ace.

A big part of living life well is to set goals and work toward them. Not only for our productivity in society, but also for our life-satisfaction. 

…And I have to say that I think I really knocked that one out of the ballpark.

At the beginning of the year, it was all about putting the effort in and re-structuring my social channel. I focused on what worked well and figured out what I had to drop to be able to move forward.

So I upped my game on Instagram and really zoned in on my sustainable fashion niche. I also ran my #MINDFLUENCING campaign with Instagram in January. To me, doing good is a lot more important than to make money on social media. So I decided to not look at monetary gains for a while and only focus on having a purpose. (Of course, I understand that I’m very privileged to have been able to live off other things meanwhile.)

I knew my time was more limited than ever before, so something had to give. I decided that I had to give up my very timeconsuming Swedish blog, to be able to use that time to focus on a more international approach. I love Sweden and my Swedish followers, but I had hit my ceiling of growth there and since I live in London anyway it felt like the right move. I had over 9000 blog posts on that blog and it was a hard decision to make to “throw away” so many years of work.

But it really paid off. This blog really has grown fast in the last few months and even though I was a bit worried to blog 100% in my second language. I feel like it has gone pretty well ( I hope you feel the same…!)

..and then out of nowhere in June, I got offered a great job!

Actually, I got offered two at the same time, but xInfluence really stood out. I have always been happy being self-employed and working from home and cafés. But it felt right in my gut to accept and take on the challenge a start-up is. So all of a sudden I was office-based.

It made a massive difference in my work-life. And even though it wasn’t a specific goal to become head of creative talent for an influencer marketing platform, it really suits me and the theme of my year. I absolutely love it and I’m very happy I grabbed the opportunity when it came along.

I really believe in the law of attraction. When you are open to things, it will happen. I was putting out that I wanted to go back to work properly again, and all of a sudden I got offered a dream job. If that’s not proof that setting intentions are important, I don’t know what is.

What I want to say with this post is that it’s important to set goals, having a plan and keep on checking in with ourselves to make sure we are on the right path. It’s easy to think that things happen by themselves, but the truth is that faith often needs a little push.

Now is the time to take stock, reflect and set an intention for next year. And when January comes around we will set goals, make a plan and decide to make the most of our lives. 

Photo – Roz Alcazar

I’m wearing a pink linen shirt by Freya Lillie (gift) , leather trousers by Joseph.(affiliate link), bag by Prada and my necklace by Winsor Bishop (as part of our collaboration)


Why your jewellery defines you, inside and out

Why your jewellery defines you and your personal style inside and out

Some look at style as something shallow and superficial. They think fashion is all about vanity.

I couldn’t agree less.

I think style is much more than what we see on the outside. In fact, it gives us some great clues to what is on the inside. Fashion is one of the few ways for us to tell someone who we are without using words. What we choose to wear doesn’t just reflect our social standing or line of work, but also our interests and our mood for the day.

This is why personal style is really important and super fascinating.

If we only follow trends or copy someone else, we will completely miss out on the opportunity of expressing ourselves visually. We won’t show the world who we are and what we stand for, but instead who a fashion magazine thinks we should be or what a celebrity stands for.

This is why it’s important to really dig deep when it comes to personal style.

Why your jewellery defines you and your personal style inside and out

Clothes can say a lot, but I find that if I really want to understand someone, I tend to look at their jewellery.

Perfume and jewellery are two items that can become our signatures. We can wear them every day for the rest of our lives and the people around us will quickly come to recognise a particular piece of jewellery or scent as ours.

One of my best and loveliest friends, Josefina, has great style. She is a bit of a modern hippie, but what really stands out to me is her jewellery. If I close my eyes right now, I can see the rings she wears (yellow gold, many of them, all vintage and interesting) and the necklace she inherited (a small birdcage) that is always present around her neck and somehow works with any clothing she wears.

You straight away understand, amongst other things, that she is very interesting, her family is important to her and that she has a great eye for vintage.

Some people say that they look at someone’s shoes the first time they meet them. I look at their jewellery instead. To get a little clue of what kind of person is standing in front of me before I have the pleasure of actually getting to know them.

This is why we don’t need a lot of jewellery, just the perfect ones. A base of everyday items we feel is almost an extension of ourselves and a small selection of statement pieces for special occasions. Faithful companions to wear for a lifetime.

Never feel like you wear your jewellery too much because there’s actually no such thing. If anything, the more you wear it, the easier it will be to define your personal style.

These are the 3 quick questions I ask myself when I buy jewellery;

1. Can I wear this for the rest of my life?
2. Does it feel 100% like me?
3. Is the quality amazing?

…and of course, I make sure I am buying from an ethical and sustainable jeweller like Winsor Bishop. The two gorgeous necklaces I’m wearing in the photos are from their “London Collection” and will feature in their Black Friday event this weekend, along with other stunning pieces of jewellery. Head over to their website and have a look here & here, who knows, maybe you will find the one? (Offer ends Monday 2nd December at Midnight).

This post is presented in collaboration with Winsor Bishop. You can find my earlier post on “How to curate a timeless and sustainable jewellery collection” here. 


My 10 don’ts for a happier Christmas

It's almost Christmas, a time for joy, happiness, love food.. stress, social pressure, anxiety, and loneliness. Follow my 10 don'ts for a happier Christmas.

It’s almost Christmas, a time full of joy, happiness, love, food…

…stress, social pressure, anxiety, loneliness, and uncomfortable situations.

I have 10 don’ts for a happier Christmas. They make me re-focus and calm down when I need it the most.


1. Try to make everything perfect. Because nothing is ever perfect and by striving for perfection we are setting ourselves up for failure.

2.  Overdo it on the food and drink. It will only make us feel crap after.

3.  Forget to move. Make time for the gym or just some fresh air. It will counteract all the stress the holidays can put upon us.

4.  Get caught up in “competitive Christmas”. It’s meant to be a great experience the way we like it. Not for our mom group, the in-laws or those following us for social media.

5.  Forget to live in the moment. A lot happens very quickly in December and all of a sudden it has all gone and we barely had time to process any of it.

It's almost Christmas, a time for joy, happiness, love food.. stress, social pressure, anxiety, and loneliness. Follow my 10 don'ts for a happier Christmas.

6.  Sacrifice our me-time. If anything, give yourself more time to read books in front of a fireplace or take a long bath. Pajama-days are good days.

7.  Pack our social calendars too full. It’s great to meet up with friends and colleagues, but if it’s too much in one go, it will feel like a burden instead of something fun.

8. Be a people pleaser. It’s easy to take on too much and forget ourselves.

9. Feel like Christmas “should” be a certain way. Christmas means different things to different people. We each have to find our own traditions and decide what matters to us.

10.  Forget to prioritize. How many handwritten Christmas cards do we really have to send out? Do we have to make that dish from scratch? And who really cares about if there is a bit of dust in the corners?

Are we ready? …set….go!!

And if it all feels a bit much, keep my 10 don’ts for a happier Christmas in mind and never ever feel bad for using them.

Photo – Ida Zander. Dress by Ida Sjöstedt (gift) and boots by Mark Ellis. (affiliate link)


Can you shop sustainably on Black Friday?

Can you shop sustainably on Black Friday? The answer is yes, but is a lot more to it. I have a few simple guidelines I recommend to shop sustainably on Black Friday;

Many people, blogs and accounts involved in sustainability are calling for an end to Black Friday. 

And as someone who is passionate about the subject, I can completely see why.

But I can also see the benefits of Black Friday, at least for now until more people take an interest in a more sustainable way of living.

So what might these possible benefits be?

The way I see it, if we follow a few guidelines, Black Friday can actually help the sustainability cause. 

Sustainable brands can be a bit more expensive than their high-street counterparts. For all the right reasons, of course. But one of the biggest problems today is that we often outprice those who cannot afford to shop sustainably. We can argue that they have to shop less and better, but it’s still a pretty privileged standpoint.

Black Friday can help those who are yet to try out a sustainable brand to get their first taste of fair consumption at a discounted price. …and hopefully, they will like it enough to do their best to continue. It does feel better to know you are doing the right thing after all.

And if a shopper allocates the same amount of money they were going to spend on a Christmas gift from the high street and instead put it either into a discounted more sustainable option or even second-hand. Then they will get more for their money, the receiver will get a higher quality gift that will last longer and it could possibly spark an interest in a more sustainable way of living.

Even though it’s not perfect, there are ways to try to shop sustainably on Black Friday

I think a big key to more responsible consumption is to normalize sustainable brands. At the moment it’s still something certain groups of society see as activism. If we call for an end to Black Friday before it’s time, then there will be a us-and-them situation. And we end up alienating people that might just have needed a bit more time to get on-board.

Can you shop sustainably on Black Friday? The answer is yes, but is a lot more to it. I have a few simple guidelines I recommend to shop sustainably on Black Friday;

What we need to do is to help shoppers outsmart the system. To show the best ways to buy responsibly at Black Friday instead of shaming those who do.

There are a few simple guidelines I recommend to shop sustainably on Black Friday;

→ Buy from sustainable and ethical brands. They need your business and you will end up with better.

→ Get one discounted gift of high quality instead of several high-street ones.

→ Buy the items you were going to get anyway.

→ Plan your purchases far in advance. This is the time to buy those quality over quantity items you have been looking at (or already have, love and need to stock up on). 

→ Get great quality basics that you will use for years to come. 

→ DO NOT SHOP ON IMPULSE! This is where it gets you if you do Black Friday wrong. You are not saving money when you buy a discounted mediocre item, you are wasting it.  

→ Certain second-hand shops have Black Friday deals too. 

→ Only buy timeless items you really love. Maybe something that would have been just out of reach at their ordinary price point?

→ Think investment, not bargain.

The whole core of Black Friday is consumption and to stir up a shopping frenzy. But we don’t have to get swept up in it. It’s ok to buy things we need (and even at times want). We just have to put down some groundwork first and shop for the right reasons.

I, for one, really need a new electric toothbrush since mine died last week, so that’s on my Black Friday shopping list this year. I also have a piece of clothing in mind that I have been looking at all year. It’s a short list, but it will save me some money without making me buy anything unnecessary.

What do you think? Can we shop sustainably on Black Friday or do you think it should be banned altogether? 


Mindful Monday 18th November – My inspiration, dream, luxury, and mantra this week

Hi guys, how are you this week?

We had an awesome weekend in Sweden. My step-mom turned 60 and had rented a small castle to throw a dinner for 45 people. And what a party it was! The oldest person there was my step grandad Lelle, he is 90 next year and the youngest person was my little nephew Lukas 7 weeks. Lukas was sleeping in the sling on my sister’s belly all night and Lelle stood up and sang twice.

You can imagine the dance floor after dinner. 60-somethings got some pretty snazzy moves.

With all that fresh Swedish air in my lungs I’m ready to kick this week off with a Mindful Monday.

This is my inspiration, dream, luxury, and mantra this week;

My mantra this week  – “Little by little, day by day, what’s meant for me will come my way”. I try to have faith in that what is meant to be will be and that anything in my way is there for a reason.

My affirmation this week – “If I’m the smartest person in a room, then I’m in the wrong room”.To learn in life we have to be curious and constantly ask questions and listen to answers. And the best answers come from those smarter or just different than ourselves. So I have to step out of my comfort zone if I want to grow.

My goal this week –  We have an event at xInfluence, so my goal is to get everything sorted tomorrow.

My dream of the week  – I’m dreaming of a white Christmas..haha! but really, I’m hoping to spend Christmas in Sweden with my family. And if it would happen to snow, then that would be dreamy!

My focus this week  –  This week I’m focusing on my wardrobe. I need to do a new clear out. I had a massive one in January last year, and I have to make sure I keep on top of it and don’t allow clothes to build up again.

Mindful Monday - After a weekend in the Swedish fresh air, I'm ready to get back to work again. This is my inspiration, dream, luxury, and mantra this week;

The event of the week – I’m going to a really interesting event and sustainability talk tomorrow with Reve en Vert and Togetherband. Don’t forget to check out my stories tomorrow night.

My lesson from last week – Life goes in phases of hitting the gas and slowing down. Times of preparation and times of execution. I have to learn to accept when I’m having a slow week.

My little luxury this week – I bought luxurious Swedish licorice chocolate with me from home and I will have a few pieces after dinner every night.

My inspiration this week  – You know I’m all about positive thinking and try to have a positive outlook in life. I found this TED talk really helpful to deal with negativity.

What is your inspiration, dream, luxury, and mantra this week?

Photo – Ida Zander

Jacket – Avie, jumper – Micha Lounge, trousers – Zara, sneakers – Jimmy Choo, ring – Winsor Bishop.


How to curate a timeless and sustainable jewellery collection

How to curate a timeless and sustainable jewellery collection with Winsor Bishop

Ok, it’s time for us to talk jewellery and how to curate a timeless and sustainable jewellery collection. 

For this, I have paired up with the amazing jewellers Winsor Bishop for a series of posts here on the blog and on Instagram.

As I’m hoping you have noticed, I don’t do a lot of collaborations. Mainly because it’s hard to find brands that fit both my style and my ethos. It’s not that I don’t get asked, I just turn a lot down. (More than I can afford, but integrity is priceless).

The reason Winsor Bishop is such a great fit for me is not only because they make the kind of jewellery I actually want to wear. They also source their diamonds sustainably and ethically.

On top of this, they are a family-owned business, founded in 1834, with a female managing director. If you have been in business for that long, you must be pretty great at what you are doing. So to have the opportunity to do a collaboration together is really empowering.

Over the next couple of months, I will show you a few of my favorites from their collections and of course look at how we best put together a jewellery wardrobe that is wearable, timeless, has great Price Per Wear* and above all is sustainable.

If you have followed me for a while, you know my husband Garth is from Zimbabwe and still has family and friends in the country. So we have spent quite a bit of time down there. We even got married at a lion sanctuary in the middle of the bush close to Gweru on New Year’s Eve 2014. (What a night!)

Zimbabwe is a big diamond exporter and having had a glimpse into the diamond industry, I truly care where my own are from. So the first step when I look for jewellery is to make sure the company is ethical and sustainable. There is too much money involved in this industry and you have no idea what you might inadvertently support when you purchase something.

Winsor Bishop only works with diamond suppliers who are a part of the “Kimberly Process”, whose purpose is to reduce the flow of conflict diamonds.

Sustainable enamel ring by Winsor Bishop

I’m the first to admit I don’t own a lot of jewellery, but the things I do have are exquisite.

I basically wear one necklace, my engagement and my wedding rings, little diamond studs in my ears and my watch. Not much, but all of these things are truly special. They might have cost a little more than your general high-street dingle dangle, but the Price Per Wear* is outstanding. It’s quality over quantity all the way!

I’m really conscious when I choose what to get. I try to stay away from the big famous jewellery brands since I don’t want to wear something that lots of other people will have. I see my jewellery as my signature and I want it to be personal and special to me.

So I rather go to a jeweller and either get something made or find a truly unique piece. This way I end up paying for what I’m getting and not just a name and the image attached to it.

Jewellery is meant to be personal and timeless. If you spend lots of money on something that you will either get bored with quickly or that might go out of style, then you are losing out. It’s not about getting 10 trendy things, it’s about finding that one special piece that really speaks to you.

enamel statement ring as a part of a timeless and sustainable jewellery collection in collaboration with Winsor Bishop

Like this diamond and enamel ring.

Winsor Bishop sent over a few pieces of jewellery for me to pick my favourites from and this ring just stood out straight away. I’m completely head over heels for it. I have been looking for a ring for my right hand for a couple of years now and this is the first one I have found that I truly love.

…and even though I have just borrowed it for a while, it feels like it’s already mine. So I’m not sure I will be able to part with it, to be honest.

It suits me incredibly well. It’s unique, a little bit of a statement and a conversation piece. It also aligns perfectly with my light pastel-heavy wardrobe.

If I would buy this ring, it would be a great addition to my small timeless and sustainable jewellery collection. Yes, it is a little bit of an investment. But since I don’t buy any jewellery from the high street, I probably actually end up spending less all in all than what most people do. I just put it all into one purchase instead of several.

And I would feel happy knowing that I’m supporting a great sustainable company with lots of heritage and heart when I bought it. 

You can find this stunning enamel ring on Winsor Bishop’s website here. Their beautiful shop is Norfolk based, but you can find all their stock online too.

No matter if you are rewarding yourself, hoping to receive a gift from someone special or want to give them something really nice, Winsor Bishop has lots of beautiful, unique and sustainable jewellery to choose from.  

Photos – Rosalind Alcazar. Location – Minnow. 

*Price Per Wear or PPW is the idea of judging an item’s expense not just based on the purchase price, but divided into how often it will be worn. So an expensive item can be really cheap if you wear it a lot and a cheap item can be very expensive if you only wear it a few times. 

This post is presented in collaboration with Winsor Bishop. 


This fashion rule will change how you dress forever

This fashion rule will change how you dress forever

Have you ever looked yourself in the mirror, liked your outfit, but then changed anyway because you didn’t think other people would get it?

If not, good for you!

But if you have, don’t worry, it’s really common. Most of us are sensitive to judgment from other people. And people do judge, so it’s not strange to have their ideas in mind when getting dressed.

However, it’s all originating from a massive misconception. For some reason society has decided that there are certain rules we should stick to when we get dressed. And if you ask anyone who made this rule, they would probably say it’s “common knowledge” or refer to a fashion magazine. No one can really pinpoint who this all-knowing fashion god is.

I’m going to share something truly wardrobe-changing with you now – THERE ARE NO RULES IN FASHION!

There is no higher power that is deciding what we should or shouldn’t wear. It’s is all up to us. Fashion magazines are there as inspiration, not for judgment. There are stupid ideas that stuck in our heads that is hindering us from experimenting more.

FASHION IS ART! And there is no right or wrong in art, so why should there be in fashion? It’s your expression to dress the way you like. It tells the story on the outside of who you are on the inside. It’s your right to wear whatever you think expresses your creativity and inner and outer life the best. There are no rules in fashion.

Of course, there are suggestions like dress codes, that we can choose to follow, or not. And I would stick to decency laws to not end up in legal trouble. But what shapes or colors that go together, what certain body types or ages “should” wear and all other kinds of personal preferences are just that, personal preferences. Nothing more or less.

It’s often insecure people trying to exercise power by being judgemental. They are sad, you are amazing. That is the truth. 

This fashion rule will change how you dress forever

It’s once we break down those walls of insecurity when the real magic happens. How will anyone ever come up with something new if we all are forced into the same lane?

I put a little video clip of this outfit on Instagram and straight away someone asked why I would tuck my trousers into my boots. And the answer is – because I feel like it! I love the silhouette and it’s an unexpected touch. It amuses my creativity to experiment and not wear everything “the right way” all the time.

…and I will most likely do it again and again. It doesn’t mean that you have to do it. THERE lies the charm in fashion. It’s not just about what we wear, it’s also about how we wear it. It’s meant to be fun!

Now when we have determined that just like all art, there are no rules in fashion. Will you change the way you dress? 

Photo – Ida Zander.

You can find my outfit and similar styles below (affiliate links). My necklace and ring are a part of a future collaboration with Winsor Bishop.


Mindful Monday 11th November – My inspiration, dream, focus, and mantra.

Mindful Monday 11th November - My inspiration, dream, focus, and mantra this week.

Hello my lovelies, how are you?

I’m loving my work-life balance right now. I have just enough time at the office, at home on my own with my own influencer work and with Ace. He goes to nursery 2.5 days a week and has a nanny for 4 more hours. And in that time I have an almost full work life. Also, our house is finally tidy and clean again

…except for the hole in the wall… Ace pulled down one of our glass shelves last week. Luckily it didn’t hurt him, but it was glass everywhere and we now have 2 matching cute little holes in the wall.

When I closed my Swedish blog it felt like I was giving up on something I worked really hard for. I thought I would regret that decision, but if anything I have only felt like I should have done it sooner.

Now when I have time to do what I need to do and my balance finally is there, I’m enjoying blogging and creating a lot more. It was a hard thing to do, but the right thing for me.

I miss my Swedish followers of course, but I still talk to a lot of them/you on DMs on my Instagram ( I ALWAYS answer!)

This is my inspiration, dream, focus, and mantra this week;

My mantra this week  – “I’m no longer available for things that make me feel bad”. I don’t know why I ever was, to be honest. These days as soon as something takes more than give, I’m out. There is no need to suffer, life is too short. It took me way to long to not only realize this but also put it into practice.

My affirmation this week – “I’m happy, relaxed and excited for the future”. I’m feeling really great at the moment and I want to keep riding on that wave. So I will remind myself as often as I remember.

My goal this week – Is to make it to Sweden on Thursday in one piece. I’m going on my own with Ace and Garth will come on Friday. It’s the first time Ace will have his own seat on the plane!

My dream of the week  – I dream of spending more time with my family back in Sweden. I never feel like I get enough time when I’m there to check in even with my closest family. I have 4 younger sisters that all live away from home, divorced parents with separate lives, stepparents, former stepparents, a great-grandma, you name it. There is never enough time to really spend time with all of them.

My focus this week  – Is to only take on 75% and do it all really well.

Mindful Monday 11th November - My inspiration, dream, focus, and mantra this week.

The event of the week – Going to Sweden on Thursday and my stepmom’s 60th Birthday Party on Saturday. They have hired a small castle for the event!

My lesson from last week – Don’t leave laptops on the table when toddlers are eating. My poor Mac book got a milk-infusion and my screen went black. Luckily the lovely people at the Apple store sorted it out in 20 minutes and charged my absolutely nothing. You can’t beat Apple!

My little luxury this week – I’m going to meet up with my lovely friend Masha on Wednesday for a coffee. He is an influencer too and I just love her Instagram account. We are going to my favorite no-waste café her in Clapham called “Common”.

My inspiration this week  – The phrase “What if it’s not a problem?” stuck with me this week. I don’t know where I read it, but it changed something in my way of thinking. Is what I see as a problem actually even a problem? A lot of times it’s not! Life-changing!

What is your inspiration, dream, focus, and mantra this week?

My shirt is by Ralph Lauren,  Organicjeans from Theo and George (gift + adlink) and my beloved pre-loved Chanel shoes.
Photo – Ida Zander


My One-item-a-month in November – Preloved Chanel pumps for £100!

My one-item-a-month in November - ...yes you read that right - I found a pair of preloved Chanel pumps for £100!! How on earth, you might wonder? Well, I always keep an eye out at...

…yes you read that right – preloved Chanel pumps for £100!!

How on earth??

The answer is Vestiaire Collective + vintage + a trip to the cobblers.

These little guys needed a tiny tad bit of love in the shape of a new sole..that’s it! I always find it crazy that people shy away from buying something with such an easy fix as a new sole. But I really don’t mind because it means more bargains for me.

These beauties are vintage from the 80s/90s and barely worn. The heel needed to be re-done and for some reason, the old owner didn’t invest the £15 before they put them up for sale. Most designer shoes need a re-heel pretty quickly, I have even had to bring a pair of boots in that I had only worn for half a day before the little rubber bit on the heel came off.

They are very similar to the Chanel pumps you can see in shops now, only the heel is thinner and they have a tiny little platform (great for slightly vertically challenged people like me). They are timeless, very comfortable and make me feel like a chic Parisienne.

My one-item-a-month in November - ...yes you read that right - I found a pair of preloved Chanel pumps for £100!! How on earth, you might wonder? Well, I always keep an eye out at...

Coming in at £100, November’s shopping is a fairly frugal one. I guess it will leave me more budget for my December item…or Christmas gifts.

It is my birthday in December, so I haven’t really decided if maybe I should treat myself to something really special? I will also have gone a full year only buying one single item each month.

I’m trying to think of something a little bit more indulgent that I might need. But to be honest, my wardrobe is pretty well-rounded by now. So it would be more of a want than a need… but that’s ok now and then too.

Ha, it really hits me how far I have come when I read the above sentence back to myself. If you would have asked me a little over a year ago, I would have been able to give you a list of at least 10 things I was dying to purchase. And now, I’m just content. It’s like I finally found my way around my own wardrobe and fashion. All the pressure is off, it’s only fun, creativity and expression left.

I don’t shop to feel good anymore. 

I have other ways of making myself feel great instead. My self-care routine is way better and these days I enjoy the process of deciding what I will buy each month more than the actual purchase itself.

…except for maybe this one. Since it was a bit more of an impulse buy. (And I did do a really ugly happy dance in my kitchen once my offer at Versitiare Collective was approved).  I mean a pair of preloved Chanel pumps for £100… It is a find of a lifetime.

It’s all about making a small wish list of truly tieless pieces that you don’t mind waiting possibly even years to own. But keep on checking in on pages like Vestiaire Collective (Europe + US), The RealReal (US) and similar, where they authenticate products for you. And when you find that special item, be quick and celebrate accordingly.

My one-item-a-month in November - ...yes you read that right - I found a pair of preloved Chanel pumps for £100!! How on earth, you might wonder? Well, I always keep an eye out at...

What is the ultimate super bargain to you ? A Max Mara coat? A Saint Laurent bag? Maybe a piece of fine jewellery? Preloved Chanel pumps for £100? Please share in the comments!

I’m wearing a timeless Blazer from Avie , organic cotton jeans by Theo+George (gift + affiliate link), pre-loved Saint Laurent belt and Chanel pumps from Vestiaire Collective and jewellery by ethical jeweller Winsor Bishop

Photo – Ida Zander.


The reason why I only take on 75% of what I can handle

It's good to be really busy right? To show that you are having and doing it all? If we aren't overwhelmed with the number of things on our to-do list are we even worthy? Well, I don't agree. At all. This is why I only take on 75% of what I can handle.

It’s good to be really busy right? To show that you are having and doing it all? If we aren’t overwhelmed with the number of things on our to-do list are we even worthy?

Well, I don’t agree. At all.

There is this misconception in society that the “best” people do the most. You win in life if you can juggle it all. That there is some kind of a reward at the end of the tunnel.

I can tell you what the reward is. It’s stress, anxiety, feelings of not being and having enough and general unhappiness.

Is that what we want in life? To stress and work and run around like headless chickens until we die? To live to work instead of work to live?

The truth is, the happiest people are those who know how to prioritize and say no. Those who switch off their phones and put away the to-do list and play with their children. The ones who take a second to smell the freshly cut grass and that knows what it feels like to be truly carefree.

It's good to be really busy right? To show that you are having and doing it all? If we aren't overwhelmed with the number of things on our to-do list are we even worthy? Well, I don't agree. At all. This is why I take on 75% of what I can handle.

This is why I only take on 75% of what I can handle.

Because nothing is ever as smooth or easy as we imagine it to be. The 25% left will be filled no matter what. We always overestimate what we have time and energy to do. So, in the end, I’m actually busy 100% of the time.

The difference is that I actually get everything done.

If I took on 100% I would end up having to do 125%, ie I wouldn’t be able to finish. And this would make me feel unaccomplished and never good enough. I would always feel behind and stressed.

So when I only take on 75% of what I can handle, it is how I win in life. It’s the only way to actually get everything done and feel good about it. So I can truly enjoy the time we have for ourselves and the good things in life.

Do you always feel stressed and like you have too much on your plate? Give my 75% method a try and see how much better you will feel. I promise you won’t feel lazy or left behind. If anything the absolute opposite!

Photo – Roz Alcazar

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